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It's all in the family now. The mysterious relationship between Cristina Ferreira's new boyfriend and the best friend of presenter Nacional

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Joao Montero, the former tennis player who reportedly beat Cristina Ferreira, has been welcomed into the inner circle of TVI's Director of Entertainment and Fiction.

Robin Correa, Robinho, He revealed his closeness to Joao on Thursday, the 18th of this month, in a new photo on Instagram. The two stand inside the car and smile. Shortly after, Robinho revealed that he had gone to lunch with the former tennis player.

Joao Monteiro and Robinho
Photo: Instagram

The relationship between Christina Ferrera and João Montero, brother of BB Award winner Francisco Montero, He will start behind the scenes of the “reality show”, at the end of October, as discovered by TV Guia, one of the presenter's biggest partners in all the new projects.

A source close to the two said: “Like his friends, Joao is almost always behind the scenes in the arrangements you present. He has not been to Porto for some time, he has always been in Lisbon.”

The couple has not yet confirmed the relationship, but Gosha also denounced Christina's passion. “I'm having lunch here with Roy [Oliveira] Next to me, we were talking about Claudio, saying okay […] But I want to talk about the wedding of the year,” said the presenter of the program “Dois à 10”, after being interrupted by his former colleague on the program “Você na TV!”: “Look, goodbye, Gotcha, you are going to say something stupid!” You have to say goodbye.”

However, Gosha did not give up and returned to the accusation, as Cristina Ferreira pretended not to listen: “Cristina, it's Capricorn, you also went to get my information. The wedding should be this year, and I'm the announcer.” “Look, Roy's going to cover CMTV.”

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