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"It's been messed about because it's not worth watching..."

“It’s been messed about because it’s not worth watching…”

On Saturday, April 9th, former competitors in “The Famous Big Brother”In the ‘in the family’.

One of the first questions asked was about the expulsion on Sunday and most agreed it could be between Nuno Graziano or Fernando Semedo.

When Mafalda Matos turned “opinion” on the expulsion, she shot: “Who left, I have no idea. I never watched the show again because it’s messed up outside, it’s not worth watching what’s happening outside and I don’t watch 24, I don’t have TV, so it doesn’t make sense”.

Robin Roy immediately came to the defense of the team: “Look at one thing, let me just tell you this. The photos we see are photos that are not manipulated, they are photos that are edited (…) However, we have a channel that operates 24 hours a day. I think manipulation is not quite a word but It is images that have been identified but not tampered with or modified.”.

Repeated by Mafalda Matos: “Yeah but context. It’s all about context and the message we want to convey home… the interpretation being made doesn’t match anything because there is no context in reality, so it is very reductive. Oops, not worth watching”.

Remember that former competitors will be sending poisoned gifts home tonight (here).

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