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It’s crazy! Bruno de Carvalho fills the disco and leaves the audience delirious with music and an advertisement for his girlfriend Liliana Almeida – Nacional

The discotheque greeted Alma, near Grijó, in the north of the country, in ecstasy Bruno de Carvalho on his first “presentation” as a DJ after leaving “Big Brother Famosos”.

The former Sporting boss, after a press conference in which he showed his willingness to sue TVI and Endemol over the way it was “presented” to audiences in “Big Brother,” headed north to present the music to anyone who wanted to hear it.

It’s delirium! Bruno Di Carvalho fills up the northern disco on the first night as DJ after leaving ‘PBF’

And there was no shortage of people at the disco. With a full house, Bruno de Carvalho climbed into the DJ at about two in the morning and, without much ado, started playing music. Theme: “Bruno and Liliana can’t whisper,” he told the obsessed audience… before DJ Diego Miranda’s “Ibiza for Dreams” but sung by Liliana Almeida.

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Watch Ibiza for Dreams video of DJ Diego Miranda with Liliana Almeida

There was over 90 minutes of music, and hundreds of people watched it, including former ‘Casa dos Segredos’ competitor Doriana Sousa, who made several videos featuring DJ Bruno. After a successful night, Bruno will continue to provide music for the Portuguese as expected tonight at the club in Amares, the famous Lagar, where many well-known faces such as José Castillo Branco or Linda Reyes – known as Bomba Gera – but also where Miguel Calera set from the second edition of BB Music While Doing… Striptease Tease!

It should be noted that Bruno Di Carvalho’s attendance at the “BBF” party on Sunday is almost excluded. Although the girlfriend is expected to leave the most guarded house in the country, the former sports chief has already taken care to ensure that he does not enter the studios.

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