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"It's so good to be loved..."

“It’s so good to be loved…”

On Wednesday, March 30, Ana Sofia Martins was on Josha, talking to Manuel Luis Josha, in what was a reel of memories, as she talked about her personal and professional life.

At one point, the actress and model spoke about her relationship with her husband, singer David Fonseca, with whom she connected in 2019:

“I feel love in David’s eyes every day, It’s the house I didn’t know I was looking for and suddenly I found it and said ‘it’s you’. We have a very complicit relationship, it is a relationship of friendship above all, I guess we two friends were lucky enough to fall in love and what more could I ask for, right? “He said.

Then Anna-Sofia Martins was surprised by a public declaration of love from her husband, who recorded a video, in which he expressed his love, leaving her very emotional:

“It is so good to be loved, it is really good and these tears make me happy to find someone who understands me, I’ve had a lot of love and other emotions but no one noticed me that way and that’s commendable and… I’m broke when I get home because I said I don’t want to cry… How boring”She said with tears Anna Sophia Martins.

Watch the moment here.

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