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"It's so hard!": Leah Salameh says she's under pressure. "

“It’s so hard!”: Leah Salameh says she’s under pressure. “

On the day of the release of ‘Powerful Woman, Season 2’ on the set of Jan Partes, Leah Salameh spoke about the pressure attached to her role as a political journalist ahead of the presidential election.

After the “return” of Thomas Choto Political show Elysee 2022Léa Salame is preparing to receive the antenna of the political project with Laurent Guimier, as he has teamed up with Jean Castex’s communications manager. As the presidential election approachesWhen campaigns from all sides start, Political journalists are at the forefront. How intense the stress is. I have a very stressful life. At this time, the political moment is very difficult. When you are a political journalist, When you are in the front row at a morning show, at a political event, it can be very difficult. “Leah Salameh tells Yan Pardes.

The approach to the presidential election is coming to an end Tense environment, Among politicians, and among journalists responsible for interviewing them. Yes Léa Salamé established himself in the field as a benchmark, However she is interested, though she is happy with her work, at the idea of ​​diving again This period is under high pressure. “We have pressure. The audience is, There are political pressures, There is competition. We have to fight To get the best guest. It’s very stressful all the time, Then we are criticized. The public sector is currently under severe criticism. Sometimes we get hit in the face. Sometimes it’s fair, sometimes it’s a little harsh. So create an armor for yourself. You have to do it, otherwise you will falter“, She explains in the set day by day.

Powerful Women, Lia Salam’s Summer Series, “An Accident”

In the spring of 2019, Leah Salameh withdrew from the political agenda of France 2, and following the announcement, France Inter morning His comrade Raphael Kluxman enters the race, In European elections, in order Avoid any “optional conflict”. Throughout the summer, the journalist set aside politics to meet “today’s new women”.

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From This summer series, Carried Intimate talk about the power of women, The first volume of was born Powerful women (Stadiums). Soon, the book topped the charts Best Seller of the Year. An unexpected victory, Leah Salameh could not have imagined: “This is a mistake, This story of powerful women. This is not what I planned to do. It was time to stop me outside the antenna of France Inter and France 2. I was told ‘pay, do the summer series’.

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