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"It's very difficult to have a long-distance relationship. We became excellent friends"

“It’s very difficult to have a long-distance relationship. We became excellent friends”

“he is A very difficult long distance relationship. With these words Laura Dutra revealed that she is celibate. The actress had an affair with South African surfer Tristan Roberts, but the relationship ended. He says the friendship was not broken.

Most of all, I think we loved each other more than we hurt each other. We were great [amigos]. He has a way to go in sports and my way is here. After a day you never know… but it’s okay, my heart is full and happy. I am full of heart with myself. Isn’t it good to love ourselves?! [Estou] 100% with myself and I think this is the best of everything,” she shared with reporters at the E! Awards Ceremony, before taking the stage to Receive mail! inspiration.

Still in the event, where Fame by the minute The actress spoke about the new and “happy” professional adventure. For the first time working and playing against her brother, Laura Dutra was “extremely curious” about the new challenge. Actress and Lucas Dutra are part of the cast of the SIC series “Lua de Mel”, which premieres on June 6.

“The fact that he went to study abroad made me miss her, I’ll admit it. So now [quero estar sempre colada a ele]. We support each other’s work a lot and I’m very curious to understand what it’s like to play in front of my brothers‘, highlighted.

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