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‘It’s worth staying for later’: CMTV’s new show premieres Monday – Tv Media

“It will be worth staying up late”: CMTV’s new show will air Monday

The format is presented by Maya and Rui Oliveira and has a panel of active commentators.

Already on Monday, April 10, CMTV’s new show: “Night of the Stars” premieres. With Maya and Rui Oliveira as presenters and a team of active commentators (Quentino Ayres, Daniel Nascimento, Adriano Silva Martins and Teresa Guilherme), the format – on air from past midnight – promises to handle the socially candid and informative method.

“We will treat all the news on the show the same way we treat all other current events, with controversial commentaries, acid when they should be acid, less sympathetic when they have to be less sympathetic. It will be worth staying up late,” reveals Carlos. Rodriguez, Managing Editor at CM and CMTV, who adds: “This show has the same DNA as CMTV and CM, which is freedom.”

Expectations are very high and Maya is a mirror of that optimism. “We will do our best to make this program a pioneer. I hope the audience will reciprocate,” says the presenter. Ruy Oliveira appears for the first time as a presenter on “Noite das Estrelas” and nervousness is something he can’t escape from. “It’s a new challenge for me. If they invited me, it was because they thought I had some talent for this. We’ll be the best,” the moderator boosted, beaming.

present friends
The program was presented this Tuesday, at Mome, in Lisbon. There were many well-known faces who showed up at the event to lend their support, and Toy was among them. “I love Maya so much and I’m so happy to be here. My expectations are very high,” the famous singer revealed.

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