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Ivanka Trump – Speaks Out After Rumors

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After her father's defeat in the 2020 election, Ivanka Trump disappeared from politics.

But in recent months, there have been rumors of a possible return, and I wrote on Wednesday night: New York Post Ivanka is expected to be present at the Republican National Committee meeting in mid-July.

But: Avisa sources confirm that Ivanka will have no political role at the event, either as a delegate or as a fundraiser.

This is in stark contrast to 2016 and 2020, when she introduced her father on stage both times.

Then: Ivanka Trump and her father Donald Trump after the former introduced Trump during the Republican National Committee in July 2016. Photo: Shutterstock/NTB
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– dark world

Because despite reports of a return to politics, Ivanka herself doesn't want to, she says. Lex Friedman Podcast.

“Politics is a dark world. There’s a lot of negativity. It really goes against what I feel is right as a human being. For me and my family, it doesn’t seem right to involve us,” she says on the podcast.

Ivanka says she is proud of the four years she spent in her father’s administration and has learned a lot during that time. At the same time, she believes that politics is something she should invest 100 percent in and that her decision to retire is about family.

“It was a decision that was rooted in me as a parent. I think about what my kids need from me now. Politics is a tough business. It’s not something you can try your hand at. I think you have to be all in or all out. Today I know what it will cost them if I’m all in,” Ivanka says.

vice president: US President Donald Trump wanted his eldest daughter Ivanka Trump to be his running mate during the 2016 election, according to a new book. Photo: Rex/Shutterstock/NTB
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– Painful to experience

This spring, much of the focus around the father has been on the ongoing criminal cases against him, particularly the bribery case in which he was convicted.

After the ruling, Ivanka shared a photo of herself as a child with her father and wrote, “I love you, Dad.” Asked by Friedman about her father’s legal troubles, she responded briefly:

“I love him so much. It’s painful to experience,” she says. “In the end, I wish it wouldn’t be like this.”

The verdict in the case was scheduled to be delivered next week, but has now been postponed until September 18 after Trump asked the judge to postpone the hearing, citing the Supreme Court's ruling on Monday.

The ruling states that Trump cannot be prosecuted for “public acts” he took as president, only those he took as a private person.

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