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"I've already worn a 5XL, I already weigh 30 kilos": see the amazing transformations Nuno Azinheira has made

“I’ve already worn a 5XL, I already weigh 30 kilos”: see the amazing transformations Nuno Azinheira has made

Nuno Azinheira She suffered from being overweight and participated in the victories she was overcoming Instagram page. This Friday, August 26th, SIC Caras Program Commentator, red carpet He reflects on the weight loss process and shares a montage with photos showing the results.

The battle is tough and daily. Sometimes it’s easier. Others are more difficultin writing.

There are days I can’t resist. I am not an extremist and the doctors and nutritionists who accompany me know this. If I accurately fulfill what they asked of me, I may today be double digits. I’m not. I’m not yet. I’ll go slower, but I will”He confessed.

“But When I see pictures of 15, 10, or even three years old, I can’t help but smile and feel proud. Don’t tell me “That’s enough!” Or it’s “very good” (you can go on saying I’m “young”, and I’d like to hear that…). I know they do it because they love me and follow me closely here on social media. And I think they realize how important these incentives are.”He said.

I’ve already worn a 5XL, and I already weigh 30 kilos more than I do now. This week she showed her first pair of XL pants on TV. In other words, I gave up the plus size shelf and smiled at the so-called regular sizes. I know I’ll still buy big stuff, because not all models and cuts are the same and because not all parts of my body lose weight at the same time. The legs are great, thank you. The width of the shoulders is also very different, as well as the size. Abdominal and chest areas are still missing, and it slows down with agecontinued.

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“I won’t rush like crazy. I go at my own pace. I know I’ll get there and they’ll be as happy as me. Health is the most important. It’s love. This, yes, is real food. Thank you all”he completed.

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Note that Nuno Azinheira revealed in a post (you can see it below) that he has been obese since his pre-teens. Since the end of 2020, he has focused on changing his lifestyle, and has been followed by a dietitian and personal trainer who is already morbidly obese.