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“I've been sober for over five years” – The Observer

“I've been sober for over five years” – The Observer

Actress Anne Hathaway shared in an interview that the third film for Princess Diaries It is a possibility, after we left this hypothesis aside in the past. Hathaway also shared that she stopped drinking alcohol after developing a drinking problem in 2018, preferring to be fully available and present for her son.

In conversation with New York timesAnne Hathaway was asked about the possibility of the film appearing princess diaries 3, the answer: “We are on a good path. That's all I can say. “There's nothing to announce yet, but we're on a good path.”

However, before this new revelation, the 41-year-old actress said that a third film was not in the plans and that the previous two films were a thing of the past.

The actress also shared that she has recently been thinking about her health and the fact that she is approaching 40 years old. “I don't usually talk about it, but I've been sober for over five years,” Hathaway said.

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“It feels like a milestone to me. 40 years feels like a gift. I hesitate to say “middle age.” Simply because I can be a semantic defender and still get hit by a car today. We don't know if we are middle-aged. He continued: “We don’t know anything.”

40 years of Anne Hathaway. The desire to be a nun, the relationship with an Italian con man, the haters and the triumphant return to the screen

Anne Hathaway is now preparing for the release of the film The idea of ​​youWhich will be shown on Prime Video next Thursday.

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