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“I've known her for a few years now…”

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Mafalda diamond Today, Wednesday, April 24, he revealed that he met Rita Oliveira, one of the contestants on the “Big Brother 2024” program.

I haven't said anything yet because I'm not following her 100%, but as I've known Rita for a few years, I came here to do what I'd like her to do for me. I know that having the opportunity to have this experience is a dream come true and I know how much being a part of this program adds to us, so I'm really glad that someone I knew before all of this could feel what I felt“, he began writing in InstaStory.

Regardless of how well I know Rita, I'm able to see that she wasn't actually the competitor who stood out the most over the past few weeks. However, I can also see that the likelihood of her following this type of play (which I personally think makes more sense) is high. He added: “It's taken a while but he's not afraid to speak up and say what he thinks firmly, which makes it good TV.”

I hope that she will have the opportunity to stay there for a few more weeks, and that those who care that way will always vote with their hearts and minds and not fanatically.concluded Mafalda Diamond, who participated in “BB2022”.

Remember, Rita Oliveira is one of this week's nominees, along with Alex Ferreira, Ines Moraes and David Mauricio.

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Mafalda Diamond supports a female contestant
Mafalda Diamond supports the “Big Brother 2024” contestant: “I have known her for a few years…”
Rita Oliveira from Big Brother
Rita Oliveira from Big Brother

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