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"I've moved for the fourth time," says Joanna Solnado, who lives in Brazil. "The pragmatists forgive me."

“I’ve moved for the fourth time,” says Joanna Solnado, who lives in Brazil. “The pragmatists forgive me.”

Joanna Solnado He was living in Brazil, more specifically in the city of Rio de Janeiro. On Monday, November 21, the actress appealed Stories from his Instagram account to state his reasons for wanting to continue living in what he calls “a wonderful city🇧🇷 Plan for at least another two years🇧🇷

At the age of 39, the actress admitted that she was ready to change her life again, preparing a new one: “I moved to the wonderful city for the fourth time in August this year🇧🇷 This time stay for at least two years. Many people ask me: but why?‘ he began pointing.

Joanna Solnado, who did not want to leave her followers unanswered, said: “Because yes. Because it means a lot. I have dreamed of returning to live in this part of the world for a long time. It is never too early to make our dreams come true“, He confessed.

🇧🇷It turned my life upside down, but I don’t know how to live otherwise. Pragmatists forgive me: I am a romantic by nature, a dreamer at heart, and an enthusiast by conviction.As Joana Solnado writes, through several photos of her stay in the Brazilian city.

In the latest photos, the actress described that she is still living this journey with “Best comrade (…) May our path continue to sow shells in time🇧🇷 As you can see belowreferring to the daughter.

Remember that daughter flower She is 10 years old and is the result of the relationship between the actress and the chef Nuno Queiroz Ribeiro🇧🇷

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Joanna Solnado shows herself next to her daughter, her mother and her grandmother: “4 generations, 300 months of difference each”