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"I've never looked forward to a call this much."  DJ Magazino awaits place in IPO - News

“I’ve never looked forward to a call this much.” DJ Magazino awaits place in IPO – News

Luís Costa, better known as DJ Magazino, continues to fight acute leukemia. In a post published on social networks on Saturday, the musician recounts what the times of the last battle were in a grueling account of what he was living.

“I feel the disease is increasing,” he admitted. Lewis has been waiting, for about two weeks, for a place to be accepted into the IPO “for a more aggressive chemotherapy.” This treatment will require a hospital stay of three to five weeks. reveals “if the body can take it”.

Analyzes show progression of the disease and that waiting for a vacancy has been difficult.

“Anyway, there is no vacancy, until then I do intermediate chemotherapy, Mondays, 4s and 4s, spend the day subscribing to analysis, blood transfusions, consultations and finish the day with intravenous chemotherapy. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays I spend the day in The house writhed in pain and a chemical fever,” he reveals.

Six days a week after treatment, “Sunday remains, that day that was once a brave hangover,” he says. He wrote: “Today is my full day and it makes me so happy!”

“In the middle of the chemo session, I saw everything in the form of a kaleidoscope in the right eye, it looked like a colored brain in a continuous boom, it even has a joke but it is disturbing, not seeing from one eye is a new sensation but Dr. Francesca says it will pass and I trust her A lot, I already told her that as long as the left one is watching, there is no problem, so write on the right and go ahead that life is to live,” she told her Facebook followers.

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“If this chemotherapy really produces these effects for me, I imagine the one that follows during hospitalization, no word will reach Camões, but there, I’m in good hands and the best company,” he added, a report containing hundreds of messages of support.

“My bag has been packed, since the eighteenth, waiting for a phone call from the hospital, I spend nights changing shirts with leukemia sweat, she ain’t waiting, she’s racing and I’m fighting back, but I’m not iron. I’ve never looked forward to a call this much. ‘, he describes.

Finally, Lewis says that in the midst of this fight, his friends are the ones who care. “Friends save me every day,” he concluded.

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