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IYO SKY reveals he was about to leave WWE

IYO SKY reveals he was about to leave WWE

IYO SKY is the current WWE Women’s Champion, and has long been viewed by fans as one of the most talented fighters in the world. existing A female member of the company.

In an interview with Tokyo Sports, the “Heavenly Genius” stated that she had considered leaving WWE in the past.

My NXT career was going well too. But I was there for four years, so it was a long time for me.

I thought I would be on the main menu, but there was no information. For two years, due to the Corona virus, the company itself was not “moving”. Even though I could fight, there were weeks where I didn’t fight. It was difficult for me to spend a lot of time asking myself: “what am I doing here?

I thought about that. It’s not that I don’t like the United States, but if there’s nothing I can do here, I think there are more things I can do if I go to Japan.

STARDOM’s situation changed and I was able to grow significantly after I left Japan, so I started to feel confident that this time I would be able to offer a different kind of work in the company.

I had to follow my own policy of never giving up. I could have gone to the company and said, “I want to terminate the contract“.

But I didn’t really want to do that, so I set a goal to work hard until the end of my contract and stayed there for about a year. I showed up at SummerSlam (August 2022) when my contract was set to expire in a month.

Do you think IYO SKY was right to stay in WWE?

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