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Jailed soon? Why?

Bad news for the France team defender. Lucas Hernandez was summoned by the Madrid Criminal Court on October 19 at 11:00 am. The Bayern Munich player has to go to the Spanish capital to choose the prison center he wants to integrate to enjoy his sentence. All explanations.

[Mis à jour le 13 octobre 2021 à 00h05] Lucas Hernandez may be in jail. The defender of Bayern Munich was caught by justice. This Wednesday, October 13, the Madrid Daily AS Atletico reveals that the former player of Madrid must go to criminal court MadridSpanish justice states that at 11:00 am on October 19 Lucas Hernandez must choose the sentencing center to serve his prison sentence. Very bad news for the team player France, Just days after winning the League of Nations with the Blues.

Why should Lucas Hernandez serve a prison sentence? It all started in February 2017. At the time, Lucas Hernandez was playing for Atletico Madrid. The footballer and his partner were sentenced to 31 months of social service and six months of mutual separation for acts of domestic violence. However, Lucas Hernandez and his companion Amelia de la Osa Lorende disobeyed this removal order and went on a honeymoon to Manimi. He was sentenced to one year in prison for violating the removal order Beauty engraving De Madrid, in January 2018. In December 2019, the court finally sentenced the French world champion to six months in prison. As his appeal was rejected, Lucas Hernandez had to go to the Madrid Criminal Court. The player and his attorneys appealed against the court ruling. The Bayern Munich player cannot go to jail or only go for a few days, while his appeal is being considered. This is a new blow to a French player. In fact, world champion Benjamin Mendy with the Blues is currently in pre-trial custody in connection with a rape case.

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Lucas Hernandez was born on February 14, 1996 in Marseille to Lawrence Pi and Jean-Franசois Hernandez, a French footballer of Spanish descent. Spain. The family emigrated to Spain when Lucas was 6 years old. He and his younger brother Theo Hernandez have embraced the same passion for football and are training at Atletico de Madrid.

In 2012, he saw his first selection for the French Under-16 team. After his younger career, he joined the Colconeros B team for a few weeks, before joining the first team for the 2014-2015 season, where he played all 13 games with the national under-19 team. Can develop into a left-back or a central defender, his versatile profile is much appreciated. However, the following season, he had yet to find a starting point and was considering leaving the club, but the latter prevented him.

Thanks to multiple defensive injuries, coach Diego Simeone gives him time to play in the league and the Champions League. In 2016, he was extended and in 2017 secured a place in the Madrid staff. At the end of the 2017-2018 season he was an integral part of the European campaign, where he defeated Olympique de Marseille in the final to win the Europa League. March 2018 was a rich year for Lucas Hernandez, who was first called up to the French team.

He quickly proved himself to coach Didier Deschamps, who was invited to take part in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. He established himself as the undisputed holder of the Blues, and after assisting Benjamin Poward in the quarter-finals and assisting Kylian Mbabane in the final, he was crowned world champion. Respect.

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The 2018-2019 season will be tough for Lucas Hernandez with a series of injuries. However, he was hired by Bayern Munich for an extra 80 million to replace a defender. His first season at the Bundesliga was marred by new injuries, but he was still able to play 25 games, including three in the Champions League, when he again won against French club Paris Saint-Germain. He won at 2020-2021 at the most successful club in Germany. Bayern Munich were eliminated by the PSG from the Champions League, but won the championship. At the same time, he played in seven matches to qualify for FranceEuro 2021. Unfortunately, the competition was painful for him. Holder in the first match against Germany, he did not play in the next match against Hungary and was eliminated at half time in the third group match against Portugal. He will not play for even a minute during the French elimination at 1/8 of Switzerland’s final. After a subtle euro, Lucas Hernandez won the League of Nations with the Blues in October 2021. Didier Deschamps called a match he won with his brother Theo.

At 25, Lucas Hernandez has already won several trophies, three of which are very valuable. With Atletico Madrid, he won the Europa League in 2018, two months before lifting the World Cup with France. Shortly before the start of the match he found a starting point. He also won the UEFA Super Cup in 2018 against his rival Real Madrid. With Bayern Munich, he won five titles in 2020: the Bundesliga, the German Cup and above all the Champions League will allow him to win. Add a second UEFA to his record Super Cup following Sevilla FC and the FIFA Club World Cup victory over the Mexican team of the Tigers. Lucas Hernandez defeated the Bundesliga again in 2020-21 and won his second trophy with the League of Nations in October 2021.

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During the last contract extension with Atletico Madrid, the salary of Lucas Hernandez was estimated at 8.5 million euros per year, which has grown significantly since he was transferred to Bayern Munich. At that level the player now earns 13.5 million euros a season or 1.1 million euros a month. This makes him the highest paid defender in the Bundesliga. He is Bayern Munich’s 5th player in terms of compensation. Also, in the world, he is the 33rd highest paid player in 2021. Only three defenders are paid better than Lucas Hernandez.

Lucas Hernandez is in a serious love affair with Amelia Ossa Lorende. But, in 2017, the couple, alcohol, hit the exchange. Each is sentenced to one month of social service and six months of expulsion by a Spanish court. However, Lucas Hernandez and his comrade compromised and were arrested together. A one-year suspended sentence is announced against a player for violating a removal order. The sentence will be reduced to six months in December 2019. A few months later, on August 1, 2018, just a month before the World Cup coronation, Amelia Ossa Lorente gave birth to their first child, a boy named Martin.