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Jamaican producer and musician Lee "Scratch" Perry is dead

Jamaican producer and musician Lee “Scratch” Perry is dead

Beyond the genius producer (Bob Marley, Max Romeo, Jr. Murwin, The Congo …), who magnified the talents of prominent figures in Jamaican music, Lee “Scratch” Berry inspired admiration beyond the family of musicians and sound engineers, whose record and composition were won by science. He died Sunday, August 29, at the age of 85, in a hospital in the port city of Lucia, on the north coast of the island.

Also a weird artist who looks like a weird guru, with his hair and beard orange, his jewelry and his impossibly helmets, Lee played the somewhat determined character of “Scratch” Berry. In the documentary Lee Scratch Berry’s Vision Heaven, Directed by Volker Schneider in 2016, says he was originally a fish before being reborn as a human being and conversing with spirits …

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“Salvador Dali to Dub” For some, “Reggae Wizard” For others, “Lee Perry constantly updates himself, always surprising, with his speech-singing speech”, About him, in 2019, he told us about the Alsatian dub team ERM (Easy Rhythm Maker) who came with him on stage when he came to Europe. Some of his fans saw him as a complete artist, producer and sound engineer – One of the creators of the loops, using models inspired by any external sound, layered multiple voices and layers of sound -, singer, songwriter, composer.

“It is difficult to understand the character’s problem by focusing only on his musical work because his inspiration is so great in sculpture, painting, writing or physical expression.” According to the authors of the collaborative work Reggae messengers. The legend of Recke (The Moon on the Roof, 2016).

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“The genius of recorded music”

Born on March 20, 1936, in Kendall, Jamaica, to a poor family named Rainford Hugh Perry, Lee Perry said he learned everything on the street. In the capital, Kingston, he recorded Coxon Dot’s Studio One in 1965 – from which he learned the profession of sound engineer – his first solo, Chicken scratch, A sca that makes its nickname public. His biography was written by David Cutts, American Lee «Scratch» Berry: People funny guy, (French translation, Commian Blanc editions, 2012), tells of the adventurous life of British musician and producer Brian Eno. “The Genius of Recorded Music”.

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