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Jandira’s life was marked by the death of her father and brother: «I was in shock, without reaction (…) To this day I cannot understand» – O Triângulo

Jandira Dias gave a touching interview about life.

Jandira Dias was a guest on TVI’s Josha and shared her impressive life story, recalling two deaths that left a deep impression on her.

“I lived with my sister until I was 12 and 13 years old. Then I went to live with my parents, it was the happiest day of my life. When I got there he had a room ready for me, went to buy me a mattress and gave me breakfast in bed. I felt the love,” said the former competitor, who recently gave up O Triângulo.

But the happiness did not last long: “Life was unfair and he died a month after I was with him. I was in the market, I went shopping for breakfast and a neighbor ran to call me to say that he had fallen and hit his head on the ground,” he said.

“I went out desperately into the street, and managed to get into a taxi that took me to the hospital. I was thinking he would be saved but they just put a civet on him. He was without help because they had no medicine, he had to go to another hospital but they didn’t have ambulances.” As revealed.

Jandira’s despair did not end there: «I called my brothers to ask for help, but no one arrived. He went to another hospital, but he was not taken care of. Hours later they told me about my father’s death, I was 14 years old. I was shocked and did not receive a response.”

«My brothers (on the father’s side) occupied the house, they took everything. I stayed with my mother, in a rented house », Jandira Dias later revealed another incident that marked her very much: the death of one of her brothers.

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Gendira revealed that they noticed him “crooked” on the day of his father’s funeral. “They went to the hospital and put a splint on and things didn’t get better, things got worse and he was sick for about a year. become hunchbacked.”

«To this day I cannot understand, I entered the room and saw him dead (as if he were) and stood looking at him. Suddenly he opens his eyes and stares at me to say everything is fine. Later they called me to say he was dead,” he said.