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Jani Gabriel screams death: "A piece of me stays with you"

Jani Gabriel screams death: “A piece of me stays with you”

Via social networks, Janie Gabriel shared with fans that she was going through a tough time, after she said goodbye to the dog Thor.

The presenter of the program posted on Instagram a video clip containing pictures of a bull and a face in honor of “Panheiro”.

“A large part of me stayed with you. Many know how much I wanted you and how much I want you. You taught me unconditional love, you licked my tears from my sadness and you were with me in the happy moments,” said Gary Writing Janie Gabriel.

“I hugged you until I crushed on you, over and over again, though I knew you were tired of so much pampering. I told you in your ear how much I loved you, until I couldn’t get any more, and it was no different in the last seconds with me. Look, every lick, every leap, every game, but I won’t know how to keep all the longing you’ll leave for me. Keep it in my heart, a place that will always be yours.”

He concluded his speech by saying, “I hope everyone knows and feels everything we feel and live with you, my love.”

also Rui Porto Nunes, the former lover of the announcer, dedicated a few words to little Thor: “You and I. Eternal balls and kisses. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. You will always be my son in my heart. I will always think of you, when I will lie on the sofa and miss you and ask me to snuggle on my legs. I’ll miss you forever. Lick my mouth until my lips go numb. I’ll miss your sparkle every time I see one I didn’t want to wait for the end to tell you that your voice matters. It’ll be you forever, always. See you forever, Thor.”

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