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Japan (football): Blues humiliated and expelled from the brief Olympics

Japan (football): Blues humiliated and expelled from the brief Olympics

15:59 – Summary of the meeting

At a crucial meeting to qualify for the quarterfinals, the Blues were completely out. Half an hour earlier, playmaker Kubova fooled Paul Bernardoni with a cross strike before Sakai scored a fox goal. Half the time nothing has changed since Miyoshi went from his record. At the end of the game without a role, Kolo Muwani was sent off before the returning Maida added the 4th goal in extra time.

15:53 ​​- France Football and the Olympics: A missed event

It has been 25 years since a French football team participated in the Olympics. After three meetings and two insults, the adventure ends prematurely, especially with 11 goals saved by the culprit.

15:45 – Japan and Mexico qualify

The flawless writer, Japan topped the group more than Mexico. Both teams join the quarterfinals.

15:38 – Terrible situation for the blues

If France stops its competition at the group stage, it will most likely be a defensive reason to score 11 goals in three small games.

15:29 – Les Blues 3rd in Group A.

In a pool with Japan, Mexico or South Africa, one can only hope that France will qualify for the quarterfinals. However, their initial defeat against Mexico dampened Blues’ confidence. Despite having a start against South Africa, the men of Ripoln did not know how to put all the stuff to embarrass the Japanese.

15:26 – The end of the match

Terrible shame for the blues. At the double-end meeting, Gignac’s team was absent from the meeting and walked out Already.

15:19 – 4-0 for Japan

Maida scored the 4th goal in extra time. What more can be said?

15:18 – Leave for Blues tomorrow

Due to the similarity of the elimination, Gignac’s team will leave Japan tomorrow and return to their respective clubs.

15:14 – Beka Beka A Sol

The young midfielder suffers after a fight in his own half. He struggles to get up!

15:06 – Japan monopolizes the ball

Since the dismissal of Kolo Muwani, Ripolin’s men will no longer see the ball. There are about ten minutes until the end of this test.

15:02 – Red card for Kolo Muwani

This match is a test for this French team because their Nandus striker has been ruled out for a bad defense.

15:01 – Already 10 goals have been dropped by Blues!

If Bernardoni achieves miracles again, his defense, which has conceded seven goals in two games and three more from the start of the game, will not help him.

14:59 – 3-0 for Japan

What a shame for the blues! Players will no longer show any interest in this second half. This time, Miyoshi just discovered the hole.

14:55 – Danny stops Kignok from scoring

The French captain was expected to score his fifth goal of the match, but the Japanese goalkeeper deflected his free kick into a corner.

14:52 – 3-0 for Mexico

At the other meeting of the group, Mexico will definitely exit by scoring the third goal, thus securing its place for the remaining matches.

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