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Japanese want Final Fantasy 16 on PC after PS5 price hike

Japanese want Final Fantasy 16 on PC after PS5 price hike

Following the PlayStation 5 price hike announced by Sony Interactive Entertainment this week, many messages have begun to surface among Japanese gamers on Twitter to express their concern about what this means for Final Fantasy 16.

In addition to the already known stock issues, which have affected the console for about two years, the Japanese (like many others around the world) will have to pay more to get the PlayStation 5, and faced with the difficulty of obtaining a console, many have decided to abandon on demand and prefer to focus on building A gaming computer.

Many players want to play Final Fantasy 16, the most popular game among Japanese, but they can’t find the PS5 and now the console is more expensive by about 76 euros in Japan. Given that, the alternative is to build a PC and ask Square Enix for a version of the game for that platform.

Due to this, Final Fantasy 16 has become one of the most talked about topics by the Japanese on Twitter, who have expressed concern about the possibility of not finding a console and still having to pay more.

“GeminguPC” has also become one of the most talked-about topics, with other players adding to the frustration of Final Fantasy 16 the growing desire to build a gaming PC and enjoy the diversity of Steam.

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