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As principais armas do novo JEEP COMMANDER sobre os SUVS concorrentes são  design,  dimensões maiores (7 bancos)  e a multiplicidade de itens de requinte e conveniência

Jeep Commander Arrived In Rio Grande Do Sul – 10/16/2021 – News

The latest Jeep Commander sport utility equipment has been introduced to the automotive market in Natal. The model arrives to compete with Toyota SW4, VW Tiguan Allspace and others. On this occasion, all the details of the car, which is produced at the Jeep plant in Guyana (Pe), were revealed.


The main weapons of the new JEEP COMMANDER over competing SUVs are the design, larger dimensions (7 seats) and many elements of refinement and comfort.

The new Commander is offered in limited editions and Overland. Both have a choice of 1.3 turboflex 180/185 hp (petrol / alcohol) and a 2.0170 turbodiesel with 170 hp.

Highlight the front optic assembly with all-LED lighting and the traditional seven-slot grille. With the model fully revealed at JEEP dealerships across Brazil, the dynamic arrows (lights in sequence), the logo and the leader’s name with detail appear clear.

On the sides, the shafts are wide, there are well-defined creases and the wheel casings are large.

The wheels are uniquely designed. The taillights are narrow, very elegant, have a horizontal shape and extend over the trunk lid. Luggage capacity is 233 liters (base) and 1,760 liters (with the seats folded down). The model launched in Natal is the “Overland” version (top of the line).

The leader's back is a reference in the harmony of lines, functions and balance

The leader’s back is a reference in the harmony of lines, functions and balance

The SUV will be exported to other Latin American countries. It uses the small wide base, which serves the Compass, Renegade and Toro pickup). Nevertheless, it is the SUV with the most technological resources in production in Latin America.

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Inside, the Commander brings some of the new technology and security features found in the new Compass.

One is the Adventure Intelligence communication platform. It has a number of onboard and remote services, as well as native Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity, artificial intelligence features, adaptive cruise control with automatic braking in the event of an accident, involuntary lane departure assist and blind spot warning.

The interior of the Jeep SUV features advanced finishes, a technological dashboard and plenty of seating space

The interior of the Jeep SUV features advanced finishes, a technological dashboard and plenty of seating space

The JEEP Commander also delivers:

Identification of traffic signs, parking assistant, driver fatigue detector, headlights with automatic adjustment of high and low beams, air conditioning vents and also a USB port for passengers in the rear seats. Multifunction steering wheel, configurable digital panel, 10.1-inch multimedia center screen.

On the dashboard, the finish is made of two types of materials: black leather and brown suede with cooper-polished stitching. The seats are brown leather with brown suede detailing and stitching on the backrest. On the armrest there is an inscription “Jeep 1941”.

Light Hybrid System and 1.3 Turbo Engine: The new seven-seater SUV from Jeep comes equipped with a 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine that produces 200 horsepower. There is a lightweight hybrid system. This explains 30 hp more power compared to the 170 hp and 35.7 mkgf Multijet used in the Compass.

In this sense, the model has a booster electric range of 48 volts. As a result, this reduces the level of emissions and improves performance. The system generates a torque of 40 million kgf.

Transmission 9-speed automatic and 4×4 traction. That is, the diesel Compass features. With the aim of offering a more competitive option compared to the competition, the new SUV from JEEP also has versions, such as the Compass, with the new T270 1.3 turbo FLEX engine. In other words, it’s a 4-cylinder with 185 horsepower and 27.5 million kilograms of torque.

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Developed in Betim (MG) in partnership with Polo Automotivo de Goiana, the Jeep Commander is the only large SUV designed in Brazil.

When it was launched at the VNZ and PG Prime dealerships in Natal, the model was praised and more than 120 sales were made.