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Jeff Bezos buys a € 400 million yacht that needs another yacht for support

Jeff Bezos buys a € 400 million yacht that needs another yacht for support

Do you want to own a yacht? Now, have you ever imagined what it would be like to own a yacht so big that you need another to act as support? Yes, this is exactly the new “game” of Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, who has bought a boat for more than 400 million euros.

The magnificent boat, almost 130 meters long, is so huge that it needs another yacht to support it. This second boat has a helipad, and the cost for this ship doesn’t even count for all costs.

Although not many details have been released yet, Bloomberg said it is a yacht from Oceanco, a Dutch company that specializes in luxury boats. The project was called Project 721.

An amount in excess of 400 million euros may seem like a lot to the average mortal, and possibly to many wealthy people, but to Jeff Bezos, this feels like another day of shopping.

The richest man in the world earned nearly 61 billion euros in 2021 alone, a fortune now 164 billion euros globally, which makes the cost of this yacht seem like a needle in a haystack.

If Jeff Bezos was indeed “dirty rich,” the spikes of 75% from Amazon (the entrepreneur’s main source of revenue) during the pandemic have increased his fortune. As the money withdraws the money, the company ended up being valued as well for helping the rise of the world’s richest man’s empire.