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Jennifer Affleck and Ben Affleck: This stolen photo of Pennifer's emotional kiss ignites the web

Jennifer Affleck and Ben Affleck: This stolen photo of Pennifer’s emotional kiss ignites the web

That’s it, it’s good, we can say it’s official, there?

After going on vacation together in Montana and then showing their accomplices in Miami, there was not a single thing to “formalize” the return Penniper: A tired kiss. It is done now. A month after the first rumors of their reconciliation arose, Ben Affleck, 48 years old, and Jennifer Lopez, 51 years old, Kissed in public for the first time. Here it is Page six of New York Post Who got their hands on the long-awaited clichs … If we still have no doubt about the content of their relationship, it will definitely be elevated.

Jennifer Affleck and Ben Affleck: A kiss that dispels doubts

Ben and Jennifer were there Sunday night to celebrate the 50th birthday of singer and actress little sister Linda. So with family. They had a luxurious dinner in Malibu, but they did not mind being on the plate. Because they are Seventeen years to catch, They were in mode, “Oh, I’m hungry for you”, Just like Sandy sang in the 80s, a paparazzi – set where it should be behind some bushes – never missed a beat.

In the video and photos, Jennifer can be seen placing her hands gently on Penn’s (beard) face Kiss passionately. They squeeze, squeeze, exchange small (sweet) words and big smiles, hug and kiss again … Then Jennifer’s son Max falls down and draws his cell phone to show something – they seem to be of moderate interest – before it is shown, Emmy, Max’s double.

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Pennifer: A reconciliation approved by Jennifer Lopez’s mother

This relationship didn’t just keep the couple’s nostalgic fans alive Pennifermania In the early 2000s. Ben Affleck, the mother of Jennifer Lopez, will be happy to return to her daughter’s life. According to People, Will be the Guadeloupe Roadrose “Nice to meet you” Let them be together again, “She loved Penn so much. She was sad when they couldn’t do things many years ago.” Ben openly adores his “mother-in-law”, who a few days ago filmed a short scene in his new mystery project in Las Vegas …


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