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Jenny Hermoso Officially Complaining About Rubiales’ Non-Consensual Kiss at World Championships – The Observer

Jenny Hermoso Officially Complaining About Rubiales’ Non-Consensual Kiss at World Championships – The Observer

The issue that has plagued Spain in the past three weeks after the Women’s World Cup winning celebrations has not had many ‘exceptions’ with regard to Luis Rubiales. However, I was stuck with the “if”. “If” which, this Wednesday, has lost its conditional value and entered into force: Jenny Hermoso filed a complaint with the attorney For the non-consensual kiss of the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (now suspended) The country’s public ministry hopes to move forward “as soon as possible” the whole process following the complaint lodged by the player.

The information was primarily provided by Cadena SER and simultaneously confirmed by the entity itself. According to the Public Prosecution, the investigation steps were opened at the end of last August, after the controversial ceremonies that were still on stage for the distribution of medals at the Olympic Stadium in Sydney. to possible sexual assaults, Hopefully since then the Mexican Pachuca player will formalize the complaint, as it did on Wednesday when the international was still on Spanish soil.

According to El Pais newspaper, which is trying to explain the legal significance of the step Jenny Hermoso has now taken, the complaint was essential for the Public Prosecutor’s Office to be able to take legal action against Luis Rubiales, suspended at this point from office. President of the Spanish Football Federation for a period of 90 days by FIFA. The publication cites judicial sources that considered that without the complaint submitted by the complainant, the process would never have taken place because Article 191.1 of the Penal Code stipulates that, in order to commit crimes of aggression, harassment or sexual assault, it is necessary, “Conviction of the offended person, his legal representative, or action of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.” a question? In practice, the Public Prosecutor’s Office can only begin its work if the victims concerned are minors or are particularly vulnerable, which is not appropriate for them.

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