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Jenny's cheating revenge is spreading all over the world

Jenny’s cheating revenge is spreading all over the world

On Thursday last week, local Australian newspapers Mackay and Whitsunday Life Newspaper put out a very special announcement.

A woman named Jenny appears to have taken revenge on her cheating husband in a full-page – and untranslatable – ad.

«Dear Steve,

I hope you are happy with it. Now the whole town will know what a dirty cheater you are.

from jenny»

At the bottom you can read this:

Note: You purchased this ad with your credit card.»

Spread high and low

It wasn’t long before the newspaper was belittled by shocked readers and the advertisement went viral.

Jenny’s unfaithful revenge is celebrated on Twitter:

Advertising is spread all over the world and has appeared in a number of media, such as New York PostAnd the PeopleAnd the Perth nowAnd the Hey ho!And the Philippine timesAnd the Well Onlineand dozens of others.

acknowledges: The pastor’s acceptance was broadcast live by the church, New Life Christian Church & World Outreach, on Facebook. Then a woman stood in the hall.
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Deny PR stunt

After the ad started going viral, Mackay Newspaper and Whitsunday Life were questioned about whether the ad was actually real.

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Avisa stands firm in this regard, and claims that it is not a PR stunt either for them or for others.

We had a little discussion in the office about whether or not the ad should be printed, newspaper editor Amanda Wright tells the Australian news channel. 7 news.

– Come!

To the TV show «today’s show“The newspaper’s sales manager, Mike McCann, says he will contact Jenny, whose identity only the newspaper knows.

– I haven’t spoken directly to Jenny, but perhaps I should send her a bottle of wine. He says the attention we have received is exceptional.

He also says the editors discussed the ad before finally choosing to print it.

He says ads of this type cost around 10,000 NOK.

After all the attention Jenny, Steve, and the newspaper got, he didn’t have a clear call for Steve:

The whole country wants Steve to stand up and admit what he did.

did not take payment

The newspaper published an explanation for this their websiteswhere she says Jenny requested advertising through their online portal.

– When payment for advertising was due, it was noted that the name on the credit card was different from the name on the order, so payment for the advertisement was not made, they wrote.

They write that they were surprised by all the attention the advertisement received.

– Once the newspaper ended up in the newsstand, we were bombarded with calls from the local community, so we felt it was best to post the information on Facebook.

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very very mean

The newspaper wrote on Facebook this:

– Today we received dozens of messages about the announcement on the fourth page of Mackay Life. Since there are too many answers, we’ll take them here:

1. We don’t know who Steve is, but he was clearly very mean.

2. We will not reveal any details about Jenny.

3. The relevant credit card is not charged.