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Jens Stoltenberg resigns as central bank governor - VG

Jens Stoltenberg resigns as central bank governor – VG

BRUSSELS (VG) Jens Stoltenberg confirmed Thursday afternoon that he will take an extra year as NATO Secretary General. He is resigning from his position as Governor of the Central Bank.


On Thursday, all NATO leaders will meet physically for the first time since the war began. Thursday marks a month since Russia invaded Ukraine.

NATO President Jens Stoltenberg called a press conference Thursday afternoon after the NATO summit.

However, he confirmed before the press conference that he would continue his work until September 2023.

The Ministry of Finance states that Stoltenberg is resigning as Governor of the Central Bank.

“Of course I would like to see Jens Stoltenberg become the next central bank governor, but we are in the midst of a tragic situation in Europe and I fully understand that he prioritizes continuing the important role he plays in NATO,” Finance Minister Trygve Slagsvold Vedum (Q) says in a press release.

Walad becomes the new governor of the Central Bank

In February, the government defied criticism and appointed Stoltenberg as the new central bank governor. It was Big excitement about who should get the job.

Several parties announced early on that they were planning oversight issues over the recruitment process.

Deputy Governor Ida Walden Bach Former Labor leader and current NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg have been chosen as the two leading candidates, but there has been a lot of storm around the latter’s candidacy.

The finance minister will now, as soon as possible, make a recommendation to the King’s Council to appoint Ida Walden Bach as central bank governor for a six-year term, the finance ministry wrote in a press release.

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Before broadcast: Stoltenberg on his way to Thursday’s press conference.

Denied extension

In recent weeks, Stoltenberg has repeatedly denied that he will remain in NATO. As recently as a little over a week ago, he said he had plans to return to Norway this fall, and therefore it was not appropriate to continue with NATO.

– I got a job in Norway that I plan to fill at the end of the year. Stoltenberg has responded to these plans all the time, after a question from VG at a press conference.

Prior to Stoltenberg’s appointment as central bank governor, Receive frequent calls From several key NATO countries to continue the position of NATO Secretary General, even after his current agreement expires on October 1 this year.

It is up to the 30 allied nations to decide. Stoltenberg said my focus is to prepare for the summit tomorrow Wednesday afternoon press conference.

– He added: I leave it to the member states to decide.

– NATO wise

Jens Stoltenberg does a very good job as NATO Secretary General, and has great confidence in the Alliance. Therefore, it is wise for NATO member states to extend Jens Stoltenberg’s term of office, says Ine Eriksen Soered (centre), chair of Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

She stressed that we are now in the most dangerous security situation in Europe since World War II.

Conservatives have always believed that there are strong arguments for continuity in the leadership position in NATO. In recent weeks, allies in Europe, the United States, and the rest of the West have truly demonstrated the ability to unite in the face of an aggressive Russia. In my view and the view of the Conservative Party, Stoltenberg plays an important role in this work, and we are glad that he has agreed to continue, she says.

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