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Jerlinde Long: The radio presenter died at the age of 43

Jerlinde Long: The radio presenter died at the age of 43

Jerlinde Long
The FM4 presenter is dead

Jerlinde Long († 43)


Great condolences to Jerlinde Long. The radio presenter died on December 28, 2021 at the age of 43 after a long and severe illness.

This is confirmed by FM4, an Austrian youth cultural radio station, which has been provided by Jerlinde Long for almost 30 years.

Gerlinde Long battled a long and severe illness

“The saddest news: our dear colleague and friend Gerlinde Long died yesterday after a long and serious illness. He was a long time FM4 presenter and editor. We miss you so much, Gerlinde,” it says on the station’s Instagram account.

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“Fashion, music, sports, art and more – he brought all his interests to FM4 and handled them with great enthusiasm and contagious enthusiasm,” FM4 continues in its condolence message. Gerlinde Long began her career at ORF in her early twenties.

Radio colleague: Grief inside the presenter

“Jerlinde came to FM4 in her early twenties because it was her dream to become a radio presenter. It was already clear that she had not only a dream, but a lot of talent,” said FM4 boss Monica Eigensberger. About the deceased. “A new, unused voice proved itself very quickly in the air – and finally sounded enjoyably new, of course, very professional… Our thoughts are with her family.”

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