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Jerome Bodeng, OL Rookie: "Write a Great Story"

Jerome Bodeng, OL Rookie: “Write a Great Story”

Jerome Bodeng was presented to the press on Wednesday. He was interested in the idea of ​​joining OL, but he would wait up to 100% before playing.

His visit to OL: “I made the decision to stay here and I was well received. I was in touch with other clubs, but I’m so excited about this new chapter in my life. I want to enter this incredible arena. For me, having a good feeling with the club is very important, I talked to Peter to see the plan (Bose, Lyon coach) And we had a very good relationship. I am so glad to be here. From a young age, I followed the club because he was in C1. Lyon is a great club, a great team with incredible players. This is an honor for me. We want to write a great story. “

His qualities: “I see myself as an old man who comes with experience (He will be 33 on Friday). I hope I can help young people and open the way to success. My goal is to come and win titles: the Europa League and the rest. I have to give everything I can to this young and talented team. When I start a season, I want to win everything too. “

Article 1: Lig 1 has always been attractive. But with this crazy transfer window (Messi …) I can also explain that it attracts even though I didn’t come for him. But it is good to play against the best in the world. My memories of Messi? I do not know if anyone can say that I had a good experience with him … “