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Jesse Malin – Lamb of Life:

Jesse Malin – Lamb of Life:

— It’s the hardest six weeks I’ve ever had, artist Jesse Malin, 56, tells the magazine Rolling Stone.

In an interview with the magazine, Malin says that a month ago he suffered a serious stroke and was paralyzed from the waist down.

A month ago, he posted on Instagram that he had to cancel all future US and UK tours due to a “serious back injury” – without specifying further.

He now says that while visiting a New York restaurant he had a spinal cord stroke, which translates directly into Norwegian as a stroke of the spinal cord.

The artist, who began his career when he was 12 years old, told the magazine that he is now confined to a wheelchair and undergoing physical therapy at a rehabilitation centre.

– I can’t do that anymore

This type of stroke occurs when blood flow to the spine is blocked, type CBS. It must be a very rare condition that accounts for only 0.3-1 percent of all strokes and heart attacks, according to the report. Northwestern Medicine.

There must be a great deal of uncertainty about his chances of being in full motion again.

– The reports from the doctors have been difficult and there are moments when you just want to cry and where you feel fear. But I kept telling myself I could do it, he told Rolling Stone, adding that he believed he could “reclaim” his body.

- It was very nerve-wracking

– It was very nerve-wracking

He is now learning in a rehabilitation center to move his body without using his legs.

However, according to CBS, his insurance does not cover rehab expenses and a fundraiser has now been set up for him.

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In front of Rolling Stone, the American artist reveals that deep down inside he has been asking others for help. He himself says he finds the whole situation humiliating.