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Jessica Antunes reveals how many pounds she's gained since the start of her pregnancy

Jessica Antunes reveals how many pounds she’s gained since the start of her pregnancy

yessica Antunes has revealed some details about her pregnancy in response to questions from her followers on Instagram.

After admitting she had a health scare while pregnant, the former “Big Brother” competitor agreed to reveal how many pounds she’s carried since finding out she was expecting her first child.

“Seven months and eight kilograms separate these two photos. I weighed 55 kilograms early in pregnancy, and I weighed 63 kilograms,” Jessica wrote in the caption on a before and after photo montage that shows how her little belly has grown in recent months.

Photo accompanying the development of Jessica’s baby bump© Instagram clone / Jessica Antunes

Jessica Antunes and Rui Figueiredo, also a former “BB” competitor, await the arrival of boy Isaac. The baby is expected to be born in January, as the former ballerina is currently seven months pregnant.

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