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Jessica Athaidi shares a rare photo of her mother: "She is 71 years old and without any aesthetic intervention"

Jessica Athaidi shares a rare photo of her mother: “She is 71 years old and without any aesthetic intervention”

Jessica Athede He has a habit of showing himself beside his little son OliverThree years or side by side Diogo AmaralThe boy’s father. However, on Friday, September 23, the SIC actress, the heroine of the series’honeymoon‘, surprised thousands of his followers by posting it very raremother picture.

The actress took the opportunity to live the afternoon.”Very special“, Ago “Little sister I’ve always wanted to haveHer stepmother’s daughter is getting ready for marriage. The perfect moment for Jessica Athayde to share a photo of someone very important to her.

Sorry about the peeps of Diogo (Amaral), But my mom is so beautiful and I had to put this picture in my feed. Today, our youngest, stepdaughter, is marrying the younger sister I’ve always wanted to be.He started writing in the title of the post.

Furthermore, Jessica Attaide wanted to enhance her mother’s natural beauty, 71 yearswho has never succumbed to aesthetic treatments or the use ofExpensive creams‘, he pointed out.

And my 71-year-old mom without a single aesthetic intervention, without using expensive creams or being a healthy living fundamentalist, has this ridiculous face! compensated by me. a fansaid the actress.

Instagram clone, dr.

Comment box keeps adding Thousands of reactions, with plenty of responses from many of Jessica Athayde’s followers, or also from more famous personalities. “How beautiful and brightThe actress wrote. Katrina Jovia. “Very beautiful. You have beautiful genes.” Tania Ribas de Oliveira. He wrote: “Your mother is very kind.” Rita Ferro Rodriguez.

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