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Jessica Athaidi talks about Diogo Amaral’s drug addiction. “It’s a disease” – news

Jessica Athaidi spoke publicly about his reconciliation with Diogo Amaral in an interview with the program “Julia”, conducted by Julia Pinheiro.

When asked about the challenges needed for both of them to decide to bet on the relationship again, Athaid explained:

“It’s a lot of emotional work, it’s hard. And sometimes it still is.” [desafiante]. I’ve never hidden it, I’ve always been very open about it and everyone knows about Diogo’s illness, but he’s doing very well. I feel proud to see him as he is. I love him more now than I did before.”

The actress admits that she attended support groups to learn how to deal with addiction and to understand the 12 steps.It is very important to understand that it was a disease and that it was something I did not know about. I didn’t think so, in fact I didn’t think much. I saw it as a problem, I saw it as a snub, and I saw it as a decision. It is not an option“, It is to explain.

“Any addiction, whatever it is, is a disease. I had to understand that and from there understand that for life… attention, but also anorexia nervosa,” he asserts, recalling the chronic illness, an eating disorder, that also affected her.

“There is an understanding that I did not have, and I had to understand it, and the way I accompanied my psychiatrist was very important, by a psychiatrist who was directly advised by the clinic to understand everything, and since then things have become easier I understand. Forgiveness, forgetting, that is something else, it takes Much longer. But I think, as Mariama said: What is important is love, ”finished.

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Jessica Athaidi and Diogo Amaral separated, and they have a son together, Oliver, who is four years old, even before the boy was born. The most recent settlement was assumed recently, in October 2022.

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