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Jessica Diven's pregnant and hospitalized for a bad situation: "I lost a lot of blood ..."

Jessica Diven’s pregnant and hospitalized for a bad situation: “I lost a lot of blood …”

More than two days later, Jessica Divenin and Thibaut Garcia completely disappeared from the radar. More production sites, more family videos with their son Malone (1.5 years old) and more secret sessions on their respective social networks. This worried many of their fans and, above all, allowed for the worst rumors. For good reason: She is pregnant with her second child, when she already has some issues with the pregnancy, Some feared she had lost her child.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021, star Marseilles Finally came the silence to explain … From a hospital room. “We are like you see in the hospital. I broke the pocket of water I lost a lot of blood at night. You understand that we are only 20 weeks pregnant This is a very complex situation, very important in the sense that our child is not yet possible. So I am monitored and tested. We see epidemics, we see everything“, He expressed hope through his Instagram story, and reassured her despite this bad news:”For now, the baby is fine. That’s why we disappeared. “

From one second to the next everything falls apart

However, for Jessica Diven, this situation seems incomprehensible and unreasonable. “Since I had my strapping operation, my cervix has been going very well for a few weeks now. It was normal, I had a completely normal pregnancy. I was told I could even go on vacation without worrying. I was more careful in what you saw, I stayed home, I didn’t do much. I didn’t even carry my son. But it happened. I don’t even know what to think. Suddenly I think it’s good to go through everything, nothing, everything will collapse from one moment to another. So this is a bit complicated“, She looked tired.

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So Jessica has to stay in bed for a long time in Divine’s hospital to make sure there is no danger to the little girl she is carrying. As a result, she finds herself separated from her son Malone. A real heartbeat for the beautiful 31 year old blonde. “I can’t see my son because I am in the hospital and there is Kovit. I make video calls to him. We live day by day. There, I give the message, because in my head it is the best. Previously, it never happened, my husband needed it. For 2-3 days, I cried a lot and it was hard“, He explained. Jessica Divenin and Thibaut Garcia are confident beyond everything and make sure to continue.”To put up a fight“There is no cost.