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Jessica Fernandez performs previous song "Big Brother" na cama "Love On Top"

Jessica Fernandez performs previous song “Big Brother” na cama “Love On Top”

Jessica Fernandez He is the great champion of the new WaxThe musician and former contestant in the show “Love is at the top.”. Fadista brings her recently adopted look, full of braids in her hair, in the music video ‘The wind’, Released on Wednesday, April 7.

Former competitor of ‘Big Brother – Duplo Effect’ It looks very close to the singer, hand in hand and in bed, where caresses and a lot of complicity are exchanged.

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Remember, Cire is a parent Lara Rose, The fruit of the relationship with Natasha Sophia, And he is also a former competitor of “Love On Top.”

Fado House Will Close: Jéssica Fernandes Run Out Of Business After “Big Brother”

It’s been closed since the start of last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fado’s home Jessica Fernandez It will not open again, at least where it has been working until now, in Alfama. The object of contention is the fact that the place, where Viela do Fado is located, is leased and that at this time, there are no tourists, which makes it impossible to pay for business expenses.

“If the restaurant is our restaurant, that’s one thing, but since it’s rented, you can’t keep the rent. We don’t have a million in the bill, it’s tough on everyone. We live in business. If the business is closed, it will be hard, as it is for For everyone ” Sandra Fernandez.

According to the mother of the former Big Brother competitor – Duplo Impacto, the idea is to make “space available as quickly as possible, because it’s not worth slaughtering ourselves anymore,” he says.

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It is, as he explained exclusively to TV 7 Dias, at the Fado House, “The owner comes with nearly 300 euros in negativity due to the cast. We must always think that on that day we will be able to earn at least money for the actors, and there have been days, more In the winter, when we only pay actors. “

Even if they were to open now, Sandra Fernandes guarantees that the deal will not be tolerated, because “this restaurant can hold 30 people, max. If we opened now, because of all these restrictions on having space between people, we might be able to put five people in the restaurant, what bills? Five people could not pay restaurant bills. Previously, we used to make several houses in one day and then make money, and we could pay for everything and there was money left. But now we’re not going to get any profit, we’re just going to lose“, Guarantees former” Big Brother “competitor.

Despite the sad outcome of Fado’s tiny home in Alfama, Jessica Fernandez’s mother explained that the idea in the future is to open up the business in a larger capacity space for clients.

Text: Ines Borges and Carla Ventura; DR photos

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