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Jessica Lawson passed away on a study visit to France.  Seven years later, the operation is over and there are no guilty people

Jessica Lawson passed away on a study visit to France. Seven years later, the operation is over and there are no guilty people

The three teachers who accompanied Jessica Lawson and the other students on a field trip to France have been acquitted of the charges. Seven years after the death of the English girl, the parents are still waiting for the answers and the results of the operation.

Seven years after the death of young Englishwoman Jessica Lawson on a study visit to France, the case being dealt with at the Palais de Justice in Tull remains blameless.

Jessica Lawson was only 12 years old and was one of the youngest students on a Wolverton School field trip to Club Correze in Meymac. One of the rubber bands on the buoy exploded and the girl drowned after being under the podium, according to a news article from . BBCwas published in 2015. The rescuer continued to dive twice until he was able to save the child’s bodywho was taken to hospital in Limoges, but is already lifeless.

All children on the study visit were minors.

The case has been going on since 2015 in French courts, and professors Stephen Lane, Chantelle Lewis and Daisy Stuthers, who accompanied Jessica and 23 other students, have only been acquitted of guilt this week. Sky News. They were charged with manslaughter for gross negligence and risked three years in prison.

This Thursday, Jessica’s mother wrote on the Facebook page of the foundation set up in her daughter’s name – the Jessica Lawson Foundation – an emotional text about the child’s death and the progression of the process. “No win, no defeat, no draw. That’s enough. We as a family take pride and stand together. An affinity born of our tragedy. An affinity that continues to gain strength from our guiding light. Her name is and is still Jessica Lawson. For the past two days, the world’s media have spoken in her name. And this Good for our family. Unconditional love is a powerful thing. Immeasurable. I’m Brenda Lawson. I’m Jessica’s mother. She is my little girl. No court in any country can take this from me…ever.”

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The teachers’ lawyers said the three teachers acted in the shortest possible time and that the incident was “not guilty”, as it was a guarded and guarded area. It is claimed to be safe And the child was a skilled swimmer, but the fact that the pavement flipped and flipped over led teachers to overlook the child.

“The rescuer was inspecting the area, the lifeguard was present, the flag was green. (…) There was no reason to believe that the floating platform could capsize. We do not know if the sinking occurred at the time of the overturning of the platform. (…) Therefore, There is no evidence to prove that [os docentes e o nadador-salvador] She was neglected—and, therefore, considered innocent,” Marie-Sophie Waggett, head of the Judiciary at Tolle, argued, after deciding not to blame the child’s death.

to me Watchmanthe lifeguard who was at the scene, Leo Le Maire, and the city authority of Legignac (for whom a fine of 45,000 euros was sought) were also acquitted.

The recent court decision was not well accepted by Jessica Lawson’s parents. The parent even left the courtroom after hearing that the teachers felt similar pain to the family, reports BBC.