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Jesus: “If I were a coach in Backus, I would fall in love with Ostakio.”

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Benfica coach Benfica goalkeeper Harris Severovic, speaking in an interview with Speed ​​TV, said after beating Paços de Ferreira (5-0) in the 26th round of the League match:

[Principais méritos nesta goleada?] The fact that Paços has less than one player made the game easier. If I were the coach or the boss of Backus, I’d fall in love with Ustacchio, hurt the team and this is not a soccer game, and that was with a clear intention to hurt Wegel. In four minutes there is a penalty kick against Waldseich. I’m only talking about refereeing because we won 5-0, otherwise I won’t. What happened in the match was that Benfica took advantage of another player, a very strong night for Safrovic. Benfica is confident and calm.

There are moments in the game when we need to move the ball faster so that we have a bigger show. But ready, Benfica players can score offensively at any time, they are confident. They put on very beautiful plays, as we already did against Maritimo.

[Benfica teve mérito em querer sempre mais?] It’s pretty clear if you’re controlling the score and grabbing the ball from 11 to 11. With another one, the risk pays off. In the first half, he said we should look for more goals. That’s what we did, Backus goalkeeper, I went to congratulate him, he made a great save. Now is the time to think about the next game.

[Emoção de Darwin] He is a very humble boy. He is only 21 years old, and for him Benfica is a very big leap. He performed really well in the first rounds, then got hit, and some confidence fell on him. Little by little, this injury problem will be eliminated. And starting to play more games will return to the same mode. »

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