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Jewar raises 1.2 million euros in Russian funding - The Companies

Jewar raises 1.2 million euros in Russian funding – The Companies

Founded in December 2020, Bairro has just announced that it has closed a €1.2 million funding round with Russian private investors. The company guarantees users to deliver groceries in less than half an hour, using its own warehouse and courier service.

For now, the service is only available in Lisbon, but Bairro plans to reach Porto by the end of the year and from there expand to the rest of the country. The next steps are to bet on the Spanish market and neighboring European countries.

“The project’s impressive appeal, the current size of the Portuguese food market, representing an estimated value of €24 billion, and low competition in the express delivery sector in the region were some of the factors that led to the decision to invest in Bairro,” explains business owner Dimitri Shkliar in a statement. .

With a warehouse located in Nokia’s former headquarters, in Marquês de Pombal, the startup already offers products from some important suppliers, such as Unilever and Nestlé. In the next two years, it intends to expand the range of food products and consumer goods available as well as expand the range of pharmaceutical products.

The company was set up by Artem Kokhan and Milena Dovzhenko, both based in Portugal with previous entrepreneurial experiences. “Shopping from home, more conveniently and quickly, is increasingly becoming a reality for consumers, and we considered that there is room in the market to create a service that would solve the problem of last-minute supermarket purchases, efficiently and without high costs,” Milena Dovzhenko.

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