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Jiliski's average scores after the Napoli game.  "He melted in the air" Pica Nona

Jiliski’s average scores after the Napoli game. “He melted in the air” Pica Nona

On Sunday, Napoli scored a crucial victory in the fight for the Italian championship. Luciano Spalletti’s players beat Lazio 2: 1. The game had a very dramatic end. Napoli took a 1-0 lead from the 62nd minute to score an inning goal. The hosts equalized in the 88th minute with the help of Pedro, but Fabian Ruiz scored three points in stoppage time.

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All goals in the Lazio – Napoli match were scored when Piotr Zieliński was absent from the pitch. The Polish national team started the match in the starting line-up, but he was replaced in the 57th minute. After the match, the Italian media gave Zieliński very average references.

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“He tried to be effective, but he had a hard time picking up good passes. He was often reluctant to play the game,” portal journalists wrote. The website gave Zieliński a ten-point “5” rating. The pole received the same rating as the others from the portal “He often looked for the ball and gave up several passes. But in the first half he did not find the rhythm. In the second half it was even worse and Spallatti kicked him off the field” – wrote in the note.

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Zieliński rated slightly better by Italian Eurosport. “He was doing his job. Nothing else, he’s not shining” – this is what the journalists who gave him the pole’s performance “5.5” said succinctly. Similarly, rated by Zieliński portal. “He showed up three, maybe four times. Stragosa saved his shot. But from that moment on he melted into thin air. He made a lot of mistakes in the second half and was replaced” – the article reads. “When this happened, it seemed he was the only one able to pass two Lazio players. He was able to destroy Osimhan at the start of the match. He had problems in the second half, his condition dropped dramatically and the coach had to kick him off the field” – Was written on the website.

Zieliński received excellent marks from valuable newspapers. “He and Malinowski were very dangerous when taking shots from 18 meters,” La Repubblica wrote. “He had some good ideas and a good shot caused trouble for the goalkeeper. Then he lost his strength and Spallati dared to change him,” added La Cassetta dello Sport. Journalists from both newspapers published a note “6” for Zieliński.

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Napoli are the leaders of Serie A, but at the same points as Second Milan. The two teams will face off in the next round of the season victory.