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Jim Morrison, Rock in the Nerves

Jim Morrison, Rock in the Nerves

Because of his restless beauty and his rising songs, Jim Morrison did not create his own myth, he endured it. Today, the cult is alive and well and its poetry is engraved on disk for eternity. His tomb is much visited in Paris. Adjacent to the cemetery is the cafe meeting place for fans, where the doors are celebrated. “He firmly believes that he would not have liked it, Analyst Gilles Ephraimian, artist manager and friend of Jim Morrison. Rockstar worship is not his thing. “

With his angel face, Jim Morrison is the tortured poet. His team, Doors, is inspired by a novel by Altus Huxley, Doors of feeling. “Most people know Jim mostly by his beautiful melodies, but I want the public to know the writer he was.“, Explains the singer’s sister, Anne Morrison, of musician and writer Patrick Coutin. Jim Morrison and Doors, Describes this “A pretty dark writer“,”We almost certainly believe that finding freedom is beyond life“.

Provocatively, Morrison even disrupts his own concerts. He was then deported to Paris for a new fate that would be catastrophic. A few days before he died, he appeared to be a quiet man, enjoying a romantic weekend. On July 2, 1971, he bought drugs and died the next morning in his apartment.

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