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Joana Amaral Dias went to RTP and tried to join the discussion – Current Affairs –

Joana Amaral Dias went to RTP and tried to join the discussion – Current Affairs –

The court ruled that “we had not proven that we were not invited to the debates”, so “Joanna, from Fura Debates, came to RTP to try to participate… or prove that she could not”. She prepared the report herself in a video clip that she posted on her social networks.

The debate was taking place between candidates Sebastião Bogalho (AD), Marta Temido (PS), João Oliveira (CDU) and Tang Correa (Shiga), when the leader of the ADN list arrived at the RTP and even walked through the corridors of the public television station unopposed, alongside the party leader He represents him in the June 9 elections, and explained that he was there “to attend the debates.”

Only when she arrived almost at the studio door, always accompanied by Bruno Fialho, was she stopped before entering by the deputy CIO who “refused to give explanations” so as not to let her in and, according to her on his own account, “forced to shut down the live broadcast with legal threats”.

“I consider it in the public interest of the RTP, paid by the Portuguese, to clarify the reasons for the exclusion,” wrote Joana Amaral Dias, recalling that “by contributing to audiovisual fees, between 2015 and 2022, the Portuguese delivered to 1,420 million euros.”

as if Listen to the videoIn the face of the judge's argument for the precautionary measure and the reason for Joana Amaral Dias' presence – “to enter into the discussion” or “to prove” that they did not “allow her to do so” – the RTP director stated that this should not be necessary evidence, “it is enough that the judge requested” and that It is up to the channel's boards and editors to choose who participates in which debates.

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However, he also stated, as heard in the recording published by Joana Amaral Días herself, that the ADN candidate had been invited to join the committee “within a week” – to debate parties without parliamentary seats, which would take place in May. 30, on RTP.

What is certain is that the candidate who tops the European DNA list did not enter the studios and the debate took place in four as planned.