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Joanna Albuquerque confronts Sinha Jardim: "Is there hate here?"

Joanna Albuquerque confronts Sinha Jardim: “Is there hate here?”

Flávio Furtado, Cinha Jardim and Joana Albuquerque were commentators for “O Amor Happel” on Thursday, August 19. In the final part of the show, that’s after today’s batch of photos aired, Joanna spoke when Flávio interrupted to give details.

I’m not a conspirator, there was now a TV moment here that I should pay attention to: Joanna was talking and Maria da Graça [como se refere a Cinha Jardim] He said, “I agree with Joanna.”‘ said Joanna, amazed.It’s the first time“.

At that moment Sinha Jardim explained: “Above all, if I work here, if I have to agree with anyone, I agree, if I should not agree, because I am sorry, I do not. Even with you, who are great friends for a long time.He told Flavio Furtado. “They have nothing to do with each other and they excused themselves from making this repair because no one noticed‘ the commentator noted.

He doesn’t like love to happen, Flavio loves Hate HappensSinha, who was immediately “confronted” by Joanna, added:but why? Do you have any hate? Is there hate here that I haven’t seen?Faced with this question, Mafalda de Castro immediately answered:No, of course not, there is only love“.

It is worth noting that during Joanna’s participation in the movie Big Brother, Sinha Jardim was one of the commentators who criticized her performance in the movie. reality show.

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