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Joanna Albuquerque (finally) reveals why she's not a Big Brother commentator

Joanna Albuquerque (finally) reveals why she’s not a Big Brother commentator

On the opening day of the new release of Big Brother, September 12, Joana Albuquerque surprised her fans by revealing that she will no longer be a commentator on the show on TVI, having played the same role in reality show ‘Love gets.’

They still don’t know why, and may never know why‘, in his first analytical video to Big Brother.

About two weeks after making this statement, Joanna visited Hiper Fm studio and revealed, exclusively, her reasons for not being on the commentary team for this edition.

Because I refused [o convite]! Not that I didn’t like the invite, I don’t see myself hanging on to Big Brother’s outfit, because I see myself much more as a competitor. So I don’t feel ready to comment on Big Brother, that’s basically it“I acknowledge.

Although not commenting on TVI, Joana does weekly reviews of reality show On your Youtube channel, there is something considered “more practical“:”I don’t forget to comment on Big Brother, but I’m commenting on it myself. I’d rather do my own show, honestly I’m afraid to stumble and peel my face in this show, I’m really afraid, because there are so many people watching, now I’d rather give in to my situation“, the account.

We had disagreements in ‘O Amor Happens’, but it was all in a small way, in Big Brother, if anyone says anything, it’s just a blast. […] I’m still commenting on Big Brother, but I’m doing it on my own terms because I really want to start the business myself.Joanna Albuquerque concludes.

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