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Joanna Cruz is cured of breast cancer - boil

Joanna Cruz is cured of breast cancer – boil

This Thursday, August 19, is a A special day for Joanna Cruz. The announcer received the news that Breast cancer “cured”Eight months after receiving the diagnosis. With mixed feelings, Joanna Cruz shared the good news on her social networks.

I’m cured. I have my birthday tomorrow and the best gift I can get has arrived. When I went IPO to remove the last drain after surgery, I thought I’d just leave happy by the end of another one. But I came with more than that. Dr. Vargas Muniz gave me the news, when I read the report on the analysis of the tumor and the two nodes removed…I was cured! “, began to detect.
“A whirlwind of feelings between happiness, turmoil, comfort, gratitude, and triumph. I leave the office to hug my mother and feel like the queen of the universe, at least mine, who is now charged more with color and light. Thank you will always be the key word for embracing all that has happened in the past eight months.”

Once the difficult phase she went through, the announcer took the opportunity to leave a message of hope for those still battling cancer. “I appreciate the support, the prayer, the pampering, and the affection of those who are near or who just see me here. If I feel free? I have always been. I have been free to handle all of this in the way I have chosen and I will continue to take freedom until you never stop wanting to be. Happy. There is a lot of strength to those who take up the challenge! A toast to life! Always!”, celebrate.
Remember that in January, Joanna Cruz was diagnosed with breast cancer. For the past few months, she has undergone chemotherapy, after she had an operation to remove a tumor from her breast, on August 4.

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