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Joanna Cruz undergoes a facelift

Joanna Cruz undergoes a facelift

a Fighting breast cancer since the start of the year, Joanna Cruz, on Thursday May 6th, underwent a facelift “so as not to lose her facial expression”.

“Taking care of the eye frame so that the expression carried by the eyebrow hair loss does not lose its expression … Cancer patients who are undergoing treatment cannot microblading for this reason … Raquel’s sweet hands give us once again the expression by the people affixed one by one to return the frame (be patient ) “, Wrote when sharing pictures of interference.

“What is good for me is that I feel satisfied is worth it, and as they shared this technique with me that I did not know, I leave here the demonstration. And that our eyes are always smiling.”, Been completed.

Since starting chemotherapy, the RFM broadcaster has shared the different methods she has found to beat hair loss. In addition to this intervention, Joana Cruz is also adept at using wigs, and has already shown herself with many.

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