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Joanna Diniz is in mourning. “We lost the big prop. It was hard, and it won’t be easy.”

jOana Deniz is in mourning, an information that she made sure to share in a post she made on her Instagram page on Tuesday, April 11.

Without revealing great details about who left, the former TVI reality show competitor said he is close to the family of his companion, Flávio Miguel.

“Since I joined this family (Flávio), I have known the true meaning of blood family. I have always appreciated good families, large families, united families, and for a moment I thought I had already met some… I have met, in fact, many good people but no one them with such great union as these that are now mine.”I started writing.

“This week we lost a big prop… It was tough, it’s not going to be easy. The only thing I’ve been thinking and thinking about during these tough days is: It must be good to go rest and know that those who stay here are so united and so good to each other. But they are, I swear. It is so good to be a part of you, my heart family. Aunt, husband’s wife and daughter-in-law love you very much. They give me so much love and that’s how we were made. Thanks to each and every one of you. Always together“, Complete.

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