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Joanna Madeira will open a restaurant: "Our 'Talna' will take us to the real Alentejo Hills"

Joanna Madeira will open a restaurant: “Our ‘Talna’ will take us to the real Alentejo Hills”

Joanna Machado Madeira announced that she will open a restaurant with a friend. Eduardo Madeira’s wife, born in Elvas, Alentejo, has revealed that the place will be called “Monte do Tintolê”. Joanna Madera reports that the opening is soon.

“Monte do Monte do Tintolê is about to open its doors to all of you. As we are proud of the women of Alentejo, our ‘Talna’ will transport us to the real Alentejo hills, full of friends, family, companions and guests and with tables full of good snacks, typical dishes, and of course the vibrant Alentejo wine!” With the experiences of Campo Mayor and Elvas, our mountain awaits you to join our family.”

The location of Monte Tintoli has not yet been revealed.

Remember that the famous comedian and actor Eduardo Madera and his wife Joanna Madera visited Villa Vicosa, namely the Alentejo Marmòris Hotel & Resort.

In a post on his personal Facebook page, the actor praised this hotel and its restaurant @narcissus.fernandesii.

In the same post, he also insisted on praising Chef Pedro Mendes’ “flight of flavors” for him.

You can also read in this post “Visit to @alentejomarmoris with a visit to the hotel’s own restaurant @narcissus.fernandesii from @chefpedromendes who guided us on a journey full of great flavors. Finally the conversation lasted until 2am but you could have finished breakfast. When you go for dinner and you end up with a friend you seem to have known his whole life. I hug Pedro and the entire hotel team. Five stars in the rating but a whole galaxy of friendliness and professionalism.”

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