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Joanna Marquez Can't Resist Cristina Ferreira's Speech At The Time Of Her Golden Globes - National Geographic

Joanna Marquez Can’t Resist Cristina Ferreira’s Speech At The Time Of Her Golden Globes – National Geographic

Joanna Marquez performed a double act at this year’s Golden Globes, by SICwhose concert took place this Sunday, 2, at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon.

In addition to the moments of humor in which Live up to her “extremely sinister” sideThe comedian had the honorable mission Take the stage to receive the figurine from Ricardo Araujo Pereira, after being elected Digital Personality of the Year. Joanna surprised the audience with a word of thanks, Use the words of Christina Ferreira (from the 2019 edition speech) to open the text.

“Good evening, you know that when I heard that I was going to work at the party and then they told me that there was this class, they began to say: ‘You know you will be nominatedYou know you can win, and I said, “That doesn’t make sense, I work there, and then I’ll take the prize,” he began.

“Then I realized that I want him, and I want him, because he is fair, and above all else”Joanna Marquez said. The comedian paused, heard laughter and applause, then revealed, “That’s what Cristina Ferreira said in 2019.” The revelation filled the audience with laughter.

Author of the Renaissance podcast “Extremely Unpleasant” and Collaborator with Ricardo Araújo Pereira, in the team “Isto é Gozar com Quem Works”Confessions continued: “I don’t really agree, I actually didn’t want to, I don’t think it’s fair but I wanted to see the faces of my friends who were nominated saying, I’ve gone crazy… I’m still crazy but it wasn’t like that today… But that’s it, it’s not fair, but since I’m here, I thank all the people who listen to the song “Very unpleasant, those who love it, and Especially for those who don’t like it, because they don’t seem to help enough posting, thank you!

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