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Joanna Solnado reveals the real reason for the "disappearance" of about two years from social networking sites

Joanna Solnado reveals the real reason for the “disappearance” of about two years from social networking sites

There have been several reports of Joanna Solnado’s “disappearance” from social media that have appeared in the press in recent years. This Tuesday, May 3, the actress turned to Facebook page And decided to reveal the real reason for this absence.

“Someone stole my social media accounts at the end of 2020 and I haven’t been able to get them back until today. It was weird seeing years of records being desecrated and erased. People are impersonating me. I didn’t understand why. Still not getting it.”I started with an explanation.

“After a few tries, I made use of the argument that I couldn’t get them back, and then I quit the nets. How cool. Comfort and a good sense of freedom and more mental space to do other things, to get creative. I’ve never been one to spend many hours here, but the time left was precious and I wasted it without Pleasure. Two years passed. I didn’t miss social media at all, quite the opposite.“, He said.

“Until today they did. February 24, 2022, when the war started. On that day, I changed my need and changed my mind with it. I needed your help to spread important information that could save lives and I had no way to reach the people who followed me. That moment was the first since Two years in which I regretted not having social media and not being able to rely on you in my own hands.”continued.

“The importance of societies nowadays gives us great privileges that I do not want to lose. I will continue not to spend much time here but I am convinced that if what we share can change someone’s day, this movement in the police was really worth it, it has inevitably become a business politically”confirmed.

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This account was personal and I haven’t touched it since 2016. I kept some photos from that time that bring me good vibes. I am trying to recover my official account @joanasolnadoficial I sincerely hope this time. If you know someone on Instagram who can help me, welcome to contact”resume.

“In this picture, I’m so happy, so happy to see you again”is done.

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Note that in 2016, Joana Solnado revealed that her accounts had been blocked by a hacker, after regaining access to them. At this moment, your Instagram page It is not recovered yet as you can see in the image below: