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João Aroso and the defeat of V. Guimarães at Luz: “We tried to be bold and brave” – V. Guimarães

V. Guimarães assistant coach Joao Aruso analyzed the defeat that Fimaranensis suffered against Benfica, in Luz, after explaining the use of Dani Silva, who linked up with one of the Eagles’ goals. “We tried to be bold and brave, because I think this path we’ve taken, which has been highly commended, gives us that courage to play in Luz against a very strong opponent like Benfica at this stage. By playing this way we knew the issue of Bamba’s injury and there might be another option.” We had another center, Tonkara, and we understood Dani’s situation [Silva], which had a great season. You are not used to this functionality, but it was not there. Just to show courage, because in the end it would be wiser to play with a lower range and closer to our own. Then we assume that there are greater risks and Benfica, given the individual quality and strategic tactical, manage to take advantage. Two cases: the early goal, which complicates for us and motivates Benfica in such an environment and the result in the first half which, realistically speaking, practically shuts down the ability to discuss the match”, he began referring to BTV, after the match.


Andre Silva:

What did you say in the first half?
“Correct one detail or the other, keep the balance and keep playing. In the first half we got into the zone, but we lacked definition. In the second half, we got maybe a lot less, but we could define better. That was the difference.”

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Two consecutive defeats affecting the players in the battle for fifth place?

“First of all, we already have several tournaments and this season, after such a good run in the second round, they haven’t heard us talk about fifth place, despite the questions coming in that direction. As before, when they were talking about the five matches without winning In the championship we won’t say…Results are important, but they don’t say everything.In the match with Aoruca we were superior and we didn’t deserve to lose.We have already won matches that we didn’t deserve much.We have several players in the national teams fortunately, but we will prepare as much as possible to return to the championship in frame of what we were doing.”