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João Baião responds to old rumors about drug use

João Baião responds to old rumors about drug use

yoão Baião spoke with João Paulo Sousa on the radio show Maluco Beleza, where he recalled his career as a presenter and of course the resounding success of Big Show SIC, which propelled him into the spotlight.

“When everyone said ‘This guy’s doing drugs, snoring Coke, that’s not possible.’ I just noticed he had this different energy when people started to snorkel. [falar]. For me, that’s normal, I’m still like that today.”, Confirms.

“On the contrary, I consider her calm,” he asserts, noting that his nerves were always in control before entering the challenge, whether on television or on stage.

“In the five minutes before going in, I was vomiting. And when I didn’t, I provoked him to loosen up,” he recalls, recalling that at a presentation of his foot in Portalegre he even lost his voice.

“I only have an idea of ​​how cool it will be later on. I live in anxiety so much that I don’t enjoy it. I only enjoy it years later,” he admits.

On the other hand, Baião emphasized that he likes to do his best in everything he does and that he annoys the professionals with a more negative attitude: “When I hear someone at rehearsals say ‘how boring’.” How bored? You are? Here because you want it. Have you ever seen how many people would give anything to be here in your place? If you don’t want to, don’t be. “It doesn’t make sense to be half full.”

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